Am I Highly Sensitive?

1.I am more sensitive than most people to loud noises.
2.I am more sensitive than others to being in large groups and crowds.
3.My behavior is often caused by my emotions.
4.When I get emotionally distraught I need alone time to get back to balance.
5.I often feel lonely and like nobody likes me.
6.I think really mean things about myself like, I’m stupid, fat, a loser.
7.I tend to be a perfectionist.
8.Being rushed is guaranteed to make me feel angry and upset.
9.I dislike change, especially when it is unexpected.
10.I avoid conflict at all costs.
11.I feel like my life is one crisis after another.
12.I cannot tolerate viewing media about violence or physical harm to people and or animals.
13.My family, friends and teachers often referred to me as being too sensitive, making “mountains out of mole hills,” or self-centered.
14.I become attracted to people quickly and just as quickly become dissatisfied with them.
15.I have difficulty maintaining relationships.
16.I have in the past or currently engaged in self harm behaviors.
17.I have or have had in the past an eating disorder.
18.When I get upset my emotions go up like rockets and stay there for a very long time compared to other people I know.
19.I frequently notice I feel empty inside.
20.People have frequently told me that I am too much or overwhelming for them.
21.I have experienced multiple traumatic events over the course of my life.
22.I jump when someone comes up beside me unexpectedly.
23.If someone around me is upset, I often catch it and find myself getting upset.
24.I dislike being the center of attention.

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