Real Tools for Right Now Course – Split Pay 3x

Stop feeling invisible, start feeling self-confident, reduce conflict, and reclaim your life

This comprehensive online course in your one-stop shop for everything I’ve curated over 30 years on navigating and improving relationships with your BPD person. 

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Stop feeling invisible, start feeling self-confident, reduce conflict, and reclaim your life.

Comprehensive online course

Having a loved one who is emotionally reactive or who has BPD can be tremendously challenging.  You may feel frustration, shame, and guilt. You may find your family is at a breaking point with all the angry outbursts, threats, and never ending emergencies.

That’s why you need Real Tools for Right Now.

With me as your guide, you’ll learn powerful tools and strategies based in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to help you navigate the rapids.

  1. Identify your personal limits in this relationship and your rights as human being.
  2. Master 3 simple skills for communicating your limits to your loved one in a way that they will be more likely to take you seriously—even if they haven’t done so before.
  3. Practice using body language to increase the power of your message.
  4. Timing is everything – customize your approach to your love one based on what they are capable of in the moment.
  5. Understand what motivates anyone to continue behaving in a way that is harmful to them.
  6. Master and practice more useful phrases for communicating in a way your loved one can understand.
  7. Develop and practice skills for de-escalating conflict between your loved one and yourself.
  8. Identify the speck of truth in your loved one’s perspective and how it differs from yours during a conflict.
  9. Fine tune your ability to validate your loved one without agreeing or approving.
What you get:
  • 6x comprehensive online modules, packed with valuable, evidence-based teachings
  • Community support in a growing private Facebook group (access never expires!)
  • Digital workbook full of valuable tools, exercises and worksheets

This option is for 3 monthly installment payments. Please note that you are committing to all 3 payments when you purchase. Your credit card will be charged monthly until the total amount is completed. 


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