This practice is welcome and inclusive to all | Lisa Bond Coaching | DBT skills and solutions for borderline personality disorder and high emotional sensitivity

Non-discrimination Notice

As a coach, I feel that I have an ethical responsibility to be inclusive and welcoming to all clients. It’s important to me that people of all abilities, religions, sexual orientations, countries of origin, races and genders feel comfortable, supported and safe in my care.

I am serious about creating an environment for ALL. I do not deny treatment to anyone based on their ability, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin, race or gender. 

While I don’t discriminate against my clients, I may still refer a client to another provider if I don’t feel like I am the best coach for them, OR if I feel they need treatment beyond what I can provide (like psychiatric or medical care). I have a network of personally vetted and trusted partners across many disciplines and will stay with a client through the transition to a new provider when needed.

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