Virtual Group Program

Limit Setting Mastery

An advanced group training for BPD supports

offered quarterly - NOW ENROLLING FOR Summer 2023

I hear it from parents and partners all the time...

  • “I avoid confrontation at all costs!”
  • “I worry that other people think I’m a bad parent/partner.”
  • “I spend way more time with my BPD child and my other kids resent me.”
  • “It’s so expensive and exhausting caring for my BPD child that there’s no time or money left for my own self-care!”
  • “I find myself resenting friends, family, and even strangers who have it so much easier.”
  • “I have a really hard time saying NO and sticking to it.”
  • “Sometimes I just want to get in the car and drive away from it all!”

Since you've found your way to this page, I'm guessing you feel many of these things, too.

You want to understand the science behind why your loved one does the things they do, get some tools to help you navigate complex situations and quite frankly, get a little peace. 

There’s just one tiny problem…

Something is holding you back from getting your life back on track.

So, what is the thing holding YOU back?

Maybe it's...

  • You’ve blown a TON of money trying so many things already and none of it made your situation better.
  • You’re overwhelmed and exhausted – how are you supposed to put energy into yet another thing?
  •  You truly feel as if your situation is so beyond fixing that it seems silly to think anything will actually work.

Whatever it is, if you're like most of my clients, you WANT change but you feel STUCK.

You pretty much live your life walking on eggshells, waiting for the next outburst around every corner. It’s frankly exhausting getting through a typical day.

Maybe you find yourself just trying to white knuckle it, hoping that if you’ve hung on this long, surely it has to magically get better, right?

But it hasn’t gotten better. In fact, it’s often out of control and completely defeating.

And this might be when you start actually believing that there really is no solution out there for you and your relationship. Maybe it is just a lost cause.

I'm here to tell you that isn't true.

And hey, it’s not that you don’t care. You care so much that it’s actually painful to keep caring. And it’s not that it’s impossible to have a healthy relationship with your BPD or highly emotionally sensitive loved one.

So if it’s not that you don’t care enough, or that changing the dynamic of your relationship with your child, partner, parent or friend is impossible… what is it?

It’s the FEAR of trying one more thing, investing more time, money and energy into something that might fail. Again.

And I get it. I've been there, and so have hundreds of my clients and program participants. But guess what? You don't have to stay invisible, living in fear and putting off getting where you want to be.

In fact… what if you could wave goodbye to your fear and move forward with the confidence that you can have a healthy and ENJOYABLE relationship with your BPD loved one?

Could you imagine how amazing it would feel to...

  • Consistently set and stick to your limits, all the while reducing conflict
  • See your loved one begin to acknowledge and respect boundaries
  • Have time and money to take care of yourself and nurture your own needs
  • Get your life back, including drastically reducing the conflict in your marriage or partnership
  • Feel HOPEFUL again

sound impossible?

It isn't! But here's what most parents, partners, children and friends of BPD loved ones don't know...

It’s not just about having more information. It isn’t even about having the right tools!

Because if you’re being really honest, how many books have you read and how many so-called professionals have you already worked with that didn’t impact your situation?

So if it’s not about information, tools, or another specialist, how DO you change things once and for all?

It starts with realizing that you can't do this alone, you need a support team and a community.

Think about it...

You’ve read a hundred books, Googled your loved one’s symptoms and behaviors thousands of times, and talked with your family physician dozens of times, if not more. But you’re still STUCK. 

But if you know how to APPLY the information and tools that you’ve acquired to YOUR UNIQUE SITUATION, with practice assignments, professional guidance, and feedback and support from a community of other parents going through the same stuff… then you begin to see REAL RESULTS!

And that's exactly why I created Limit Setting Mastery—and why it's different from anything you've already tried.

Before you read one more thing or try one more tactic… you have to gather your PEOPLE—the team that is going to support you and get you through to the next phase of your life. 

And that’s exactly what we’re going to do together.

program includes live coaching and digital workbook

Limit Setting Mastery

A step by step program to help parents or individuals with BPD loved ones to learn to set and stick to their limits and reclaim their independence.

Limit Setting Mastery isn’t your average program. With me as your guide, you’ll learn powerful tools and strategies based in Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help you navigate the tumultuous rapids of your relationship and your life.

Consider this your customized
relationship bootcamp.

We’re going to do the hard work (but in a loving and supported way!), so that you can remove the fears that have kept you stuck, start saying “no” and sticking to it, and seeing real and consistent change in your relationship with your BPD loved one and even your partner, your other family members, and your friends.

"Lisa is absolutely amazing. She helps people regain their life again. She stands with you through the thick and the thin and is amazing at being there every step of the way. She is incredibly sympathetic and there to provide nonjudgmental support."
— Marek
"This experience changed so much for my husband and I in regards to relating to our son. So much good information and immediate help and advice from Lisa. We now have a fresh start as we know better what to do."
— Louisa

here's what's inside

Advanced Limit Setting Mastery

6 week program

Offered Quarterly – Next Cohort starting July 30th, 2023 (No class labor day weekend!)

bonus #1

1:1 coaching session

$135 value

One 30-minute personal coaching session with me during our 6 weeks together to help you connect the dots and apply what you're learning to your own situation.

bonus #2

private facebook group


Join a community of your peers who can relate to what you're experiencing first-hand. Lean on your group for non-judgmental support and be inspired by their accomplishments and growth!

bonus #3

Boundary setting e-guide

$8 value

Get a free e-guide, Why Is It So Hard For Me to Set Boundaries?. Includes two (2) exercises to help you understand your personal core beliefs and fears that are holding you back from being able to set and/or maintain your personal limits.​

bonus #4

limit setting workbook

$29 value

A comprehensive digital guide with information, worksheets, practical exercises, and useful tools to take your limit setting mastery to the next level in your own life and current situation.

so tell me...

Are you ready to finally heal your relationship and reclaim your life?

I truly believe that BPD is not a life sentence for misery, and that you can accomplish a HAPPY and HEALTHY relationship with the right guidance.

Yet so many parents, partners and children are too tired and beaten down that they never think to ask for help… from the right people, who understand exactly what they’re going through and know what actually works, and who offer non-judgmental support and community for you to lean on.

And that’s why so many families are trudging through, just trying to stay afloat, thinking they are just “unlucky” and this is the hand they were dealt. 

Your feelings of stress, overwhelm, anger, fear, and helplessness are symptoms of trying to do this all alone. 

Enroll now

You don’t need a degree in psychology to learn these tools and be able to communicate with your kids. Most parents and partners with support can do it! The key phrase being WITH SUPPORT.




6x weekly 2-hr live group classes

(Value of $1,068)

30-minute 1:1 private coaching session

(Value of $135)

Private Facebook Group

(Priceless connection with peers and me!)

Free Boundary Setting e-Guide

(Value of $8)

Downloadable Workbook

(Value of $29)

Peer Support

See to believe that change is possible

Immediate + Lifetime Access

Come back to refresh your skills anytime. Plus, get access to updated materials!




6x weekly 2-hr live group classes

(Value of $1,068)

30-minute 1:1 private coaching session

(Value of $135)

Private Facebook Group

(Priceless connection with peers and me!)

Free Boundary Setting e-Guide

(Value of $8)

Downloadable Workbook

(Value of $29)

Peer Support

See to believe that change is possible

Immediate + Lifetime Access

Come back to refresh your skills anytime. Plus, get access to updated materials!

Returning participant?

If you’ve taken Limit Setting Mastery before and you’re looking for additional peer support as you revisit the material, returning participants are always welcome back for 80% off the current price. Message me through the contact form for a discount code!

How do I know Limit Setting Mastery will work for you? Because I've been exactly where you are right now.

Hi! I’m your teacher and coach, Lisa Bond. I help individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) or who are highly sensitive, and parents or loved ones of these individuals, with evidence-based tools—like dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)—to improve their relationships and their lives. 

If you’re wondering how I got qualified to help you and your family deal with these incredibly difficult topics and experiences, well…

It all started because my own child struggled with BPD from a young age. I tried literally everything and nothing worked. I made allllllll the mistakes. 

My training and experience as a registered psychiatric nurse, and the access that gave me to certified physicians, didn’t offer me any nuggets of wisdom either. 

I was exhausted, angry, ashamed, fearful, sad, and helpless. 

UNTIL… I found DBT. When I started learning and practicing dialectical behavior therapy, everything changed. Our entire family dynamic shifted. My child is now late 30s and lives a happy and independent life. 

After years of f@*%ing up in every way you can think of, I’ve not only found the tools and support systems to regain freedom and balance in my life, I’ve helped hundreds of my clients do it, too.

I know firsthand that with the right tools and support system, you can reduce conflict and find joy and balance again. I'm honored to share my method with you!

Are you ready to reclaim your life?

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