Virtual Group Training

Coping Ahead for the Holidays

Monday, November 6, 2023 · 7p to 9p on Zoom

Do you find yourself...

Dreading the holiday season because of the pressure to make it a perfect, magical time... when in reality it usually SUCKS? 

Yeah. I get it.

When we live with or love someone with borderline personality disorder (BPD), it can make the holidays an absolutely painful time.

You're not alone

I’m sure you’ve noticed we can’t control our BPD and highly emotionally sensitive people. What we can control is our response to them.

The way we respond to their distress — which is heightened around the fall and winter holidays — greatly influences their distress, and ours. The good news is, we can respond skillfully and avoid making things worse. We can even make it easier for our people to down-regulate their own distress.

It’s also possible to add some sweet moments to our holiday experience, even if we can’t totally get rid of all the less-sweet moments.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not…

join me & your peers in

Coping Ahead for the Holidays

NOVEMBER 6, 2023   |   7p - 9p edt

Coping Ahead for the Holidays is a group training and supportive process for individuals who are finding themselves stuck in a vortex of grief as the rest of the world moves into the supposedly “festive” fall and winter holiday season.

The goal is to create a community of like minded people who can offer support and understanding for each other when the rest of the world just doesn’t get it.

what we'll cover


Grief within PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and other specific mental health issues, theirs and ours


What Do I Say When __?
Strategies for managing emotional outbursts, tolerating distress and disappointment, and suicidal ideations


Your customized cope ahead plan for the most successful holiday season ever

You'll walk away with...

A deeper understanding of grief and its scientific effect on those with BPD or high emotional sensitivity. 

A plan for what to do when holiday-related triggers occur.

A renewed feeling of peace and a sense of control. 

A roadmap for navigating the holidays in a way that will help you avoid catastrophe and may actually allow you to create joyful memories!

what people are saying

your investment

Coping Ahead for the Holidays

Group Class
$ 97 single payment
  • One 2-hour live virtual group session
  • Recording of live class
  • Worksheets & Practice Exercises
  • Supportive Community of Peers
  • Tools to face the holiday season with peace and confidence

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