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I want to connect you with the best resources from Dialectical Therapy, Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, to Trauma Practices and more, including adapted modalities for creating well-being, resilience, and strong relationships, plus a supportive community committed to helping ourselves and others create purpose-driven lives.

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel isolated, without a support team.
  • You need solutions for coaching-specific problems but feel like no one has the right answers to your questions.
  • You feel pressured or alienated by the stigma surrounding the term “life coach.”
  • Everyone seems too busy to offer help, so you often don’t even ask.
  • You struggle to provide education, support, or direction to challenging individuals or groups that shake your confidence.
  • You’re too busy with coaching (and perhaps even another job) to be searching for and sifting through worksheets, handouts, ebooks, guides, videos, etc. to see if something resonates.
  • You feel anxious and stressed about holding space for others when you’re so pressed for time.
  • You don’t have time to compile your resources into usable materials for your clients.

But what if instead you could...

  • Feel confident and professional in every interaction with individuals or groups.
  • Experience a great sense of pride in the quality of service you provide to others.
  • Attract more (and better) clients.
  • Eliminate frustration, overwhelm, and burnout.
  • Receive glowing reviews from your clients.
  • Feel connected and supported by a qualified professional mentor.
  • Renew your enthusiasm for the work!

Get with the program

Become a Skills Coach


Private Consultation Group

Connection with a community of experts/people like yourself, who are in the trenches slowly sinking in the quicksand of financial, emotional, social, and physical burden / who are on the cutting edge of the coaching field.

Weekly Q&A

A Dear Abby type weekly column where group members' submissions are answered for everyone to read and learn from.

Direct Access to Your Coach

Lots of personal, supportive contact with me via text coaching, Facebook, Zoom, phone, and e-mail.

Loads of Evidence-Based Resources

Learn and practice tons of different strategies, tips, tools and techniques that will allow you to avoid the traps, mistakes, wasted money and time I experienced when I began this journey.

Featured Coach

I want to help you grow your practice. Periodically, I will feature coaches from this program across my social media and marketing platforms. Additionally, if you complete the class, you will be added to my Preferred Provider list.

Interventions Customized for Your Client

I share with you all of my personal experience and resources—everything I have is yours! I help you create customized treatment plans for your clients.

Still on the fence?

This program is great for new and experienced coaches! My goal is make it easier for you to do your job by giving you the right, evidence-based tools to get your clients to results faster.

To get results out of any program, you will need to be committed to investing time. I know your time is your most precious resource, so I’ve created this program to be intensive, yet packed into a short amount of time. The program can be completely self-guided or you can access guidance from me, depending on your learning style.

Consider it an investment in your practice. You will leave the program with an arsenal of already-vetted, evidence-based tools and resources to streamline your own program planning. It’s likely that you will save a lot of time in the long run, since you won’t have to test anything out or make any of the same (sometimes costly) mistakes I already made.

I created this program with your budget in mind. I understand that many coaches have just invested a lot of money in their certification program, while others are continually investing in ongoing education. For this reason, the program is very reasonably priced. What I like most about this program is that the teachings are designed for you to digest the information quickly and be able to utilize it in your very next session with a client, even if that’s 30 minutes later.

I‘ve worked with highly sensitive people and with their loved ones and families in a variety of settings—including my own family—since 1985. I have dedicated my practice to helping highly sensitive people increase emotional resilience and thrive in every area of their lives. I’ve sought after and curated the best of the best resources, not only treatments and providers although I have tons of those as well, but most importantly alternative modalities for identifying and building a life worth living starting today (versus someday… maybe).

I can’t answer that question for you, but I can tell you that part of our work is to understand and debunk the stigma surrounding the coaching profession. The wellness industry is growing faster than many people realize and coaches are a vital part of the wellness landscape. I’ll give you real examples of “regular” folks who have built successful coaching practices. 

The DBT skills and techniques are just a piece of DBT therapy, but they are not themselves therapy. They are fabulous tools for managers, teachers, and business owners, as well as those who wrestle with mental illness.

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