The following questions have been chosen to give you a more clear sense of whether or not someone in your life engages in behaviors that might be considered traits associated with Borderline Personality Disorder. 

Most currently as a coach and previously as a psychiatric nurse, teacher, and mother I have seen so many of you struggling to cope with friends, partners, and family members who have a diagnosis or BPD or who share some of the traits. One of the comments I frequently hear is, “I wish I knew what I know now and that there had been someone to help me when my child was younger” and, “I knew something wasn’t right but nobody took me seriously and often implied that my child’s behavior was caused by poor parenting.”

My mission is two-fold. First, to reduce stigma by providing accurate and up to date information to families and loved ones about BPD and its associated personality traits. And second, and equally important, to give you tools within a community format that can be used to facilitate decision making, communication, limit setting, self-care, and access to quality treatment.

If you are new to the BPD world or if you have been around awhile and find yourself second guessing yourself I hope you will find the information here helpful and encouraging. Regardless of where you may be in this journey please remember that most people with BPD recover and the emotional investment of the family along with the hard work of the individual has a significant effect on a positive outcome.

PLEASE NOTE: This survey is NOT diagnostic of Borderline Personality Disorder or of any other mental illness and yet it provides a clear lens through which to view a pattern of behavior(s) that may be problematic if ignored. Disclosure & Terms

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