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Skilled at Setting & Maintaining Boundaries

While all of the questions are red flags when answered “yes,” not all of them indicate a need for intervention. You answered “yes” to less than five questions.That’s great! You are clearly skilled in setting and maintaining personal limits.

The only question that remains is: Are these behaviors interfering with your quality of life in any way? If so, you might want to consider an individual consult.

If not, then kudos to you for doing excellent boundary work! It’s a tough skill to learn, especially when we have emotionally sensitive people in our lives.

Although we may have infinite love, endless passions, and the desire to help as many people as possible, our time in the world is finite. We cannot allow just anyone and anything into our lives. And we cannot become a bottomless bucket for other people’s trauma and emotions. If we do so, we’ll quickly become depleted and resentful.

Setting boundaries that help us manage our focus and energy are an integral way to regain our power and create more agency in our lives. Far from being selfish, they create opportunities to strengthen relationships and for others (and ourselves) to love us better.

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Set and stick to your boundaries. be seen and be heard.

Limit Setting Mastery

LIVE VIRTUAL PROGRAM  |  Starts January 15, 2023

Starts January 15, 2023

90 minutes on Zoom, 1 day per week for 6 weeks.
Loads of support and bonuses!

Best overall resource

Everything I *wish* I had known about BPD... all in ONE place.

This is hands down THE single most comprehensive, affordable and immediately accessible resource for those struggling to piece together all of the complicated nuances of loving someone with BPD or high emotional sensitivity. 

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Group Coaching

Joining one of our Groups offers peer support, skills training, the opportunity to practice skills, and accountability as we work towards having a life worth living. 

Why I created this quiz

Most currently as a coach, and previously as a psychiatric nurse, teacher, and mother, I have seen so many of you struggling to cope with friends, partners, and family members who have a diagnosis or BPD or who share some of the traits. One of the comments I frequently hear is, “I wish I knew what I know now and that there had been someone to help me when my child was younger” and, “I knew something wasn’t right but nobody took me seriously and often implied that my child’s behavior was caused by poor parenting.”

My mission is two-fold. First, to reduce stigma by providing accurate and up-to-date information to families and loved ones about BPD and its associated personality traits. And second, and equally important, to give you tools within a community format that can be used to facilitate decision making, communication, limit setting, self-care, and access to quality treatment.

If you are new to the BPD world or if you have been around awhile and find yourself second guessing yourself, I hope you will find the information here helpful and encouraging. Regardless of where you may be in this journey please remember that most people with BPD recover and the emotional investment of the family along with the hard work of the individual has a significant effect on a positive outcome.

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